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Adixen ADP 122 High reliability to process

• Wide interstage channels are able to accommodate large quantities of powder and particles.
• High operating temperature with a precise closed-loop temperature management system, and a linear increase of gas temperature from inlet to outlet makes ADP 122 one of the best on market
• Vertical pumping on each stage which prevents particulate accumulation in the swept volume.

Semiconductor fab rules compliant
• Compact: the series 2 model is only 390 mm wide.
• Clean: Alcatel technology is a frictionless and oil-free pump mechanism. There is no risk of particulate contamination.
• Quiet: All models include an integrated silencer, eliminating the need for an additional external silencer.
• Semi S2 compliant.

ADP 122 L has a Low cost of ownership
• Low power consumption at working pressures and at Ultimate Pressure.
• With moderate heat generation, series 2 water consumption is extremely low.
• Nitrogen Purge level is easily set by the customer. Pumps for clean applications do not require any purge.

Typical applications:

• ADP 122 LM, ADS 602 LM:
        Load Lock, Transfer Chambers, PVD, Sputtering
• ADP 122 P, ADS 602 P, ADS 1202 P, ADS 1802 P:
        Ashing, Stripping, Dielectric - Poly Etch, Implant Source, Medium CVD
• ADS 602 H, ADS 1202 H, ADS 1802 H:
        PECVD, LPCVD

A&J Vacuum also repair / rebuild and service Alcatel ADP 122, Adixen ADP-122 Pumps along with all other Alcatel Adixen Dry Pumps and Alcatel Vacuum Rotary Vane pumps. Please contact us for information on service program or click here to go to our Service page. We also offer Emergency service upon request. For more information Please contact A&J Vacuum Services at 973-249-0854

Alcatel / Adixen ADP122L (Refurbished)

  • 6 Months Warranty Available From Shipping Date

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