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Nominal Flow Rate: 282 cfm (50 Hz) / 329 cfm (60 Hz) Typical Ultimate Pressure (no purge): 8 x 10-4 mbar Maximum Ultimate Pressure (no purge): 2 x 10-3 mbar Ultimate Pressure (35 SLM purge): 9 x 10-3 mbar Power at Ultimate: 1.8 kW


The design of the Series Two brings high benefits for applications where cleanliness and reliability are key features. The Series Two family covers a large range of vacuum requirements with 4 models. These models can be chosen in LM versions for clean applications, P versions for light/medium applications, and H for harsh applications. Many major manufacturers from the Semiconductor industry have already selected this product. This choice allows them to reduce unscheduled downtime, to reduce overall running cost and increase profitability. Wide interstage channels are able to accommodate large quantities of powder and particles. High operating temperature with a precise closed-loop temperature management system, and a linear increase of gas temperature from inlet to outlet. Vertical pumping on each stage which prevents particulate accumulation in the swept volume. The series 2 model is only 390 mm wide. Alcatel technology is a frictionless and oil-free pump mechanism. There is no risk of particulate contamination. All models include an integrated silencer, eliminating the need for an additional external silencer. Semi S2 compliant. Low power consumption at working pressures and at Ultimate Pressure. With moderate heat generation, series 2 water consumption is extremely low. Nitrogen Purge level is easily set by the customer.

Alcatel / Adixen ADS602P (Refurbished)

SKU: ADS60211
  • 6 Months Warrany Available from Shipping date

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