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BOC Edwards iQDP80  Dry Semiconductor DryStar Vacuum Pump Rebuilt

The iQDP80 Dry pumping System is a microprocessor controlled, modular, dry pump package that provides unparalleled control and monitoring facilities. The iQ pumping system can be locally controlled by a hand held LCD control panel or remotely controlled through a fully customized tool interface. All major control elements are located within the footprint of the pumping system.The iQ dry pumping system has integrated sensors, which continuously monitor key system performance parameters and give advanced warning of problems. These pumps have pump and motor temperature sensors installed.

The iQ pumpset parameters can be monitored and displayed through a variety of output devices including: Hand-held or panel mounted control module; Local PC or laptop computer; OEM specified tool interface; PC as part of a fab-wide network. This is a hand held LCD control panel module provides access to: system control and configuration; system status and monitored values; diagnostics and recommended corrective action. A tool interface module can be used to provide a fully customized interface to your process tool. It communicates with the iQ pumping system through a screened twisted pair cable. It has integral system configuration which check process pump service history log, process/tool specific settings, updated on power-on, giving maximum pump interchangeability between process tools.


Edwards iQDP80 (Refurbished)

SKU: ADS6021132
  • 6 Month Warranty Available from Shipping date

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