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Edwards STP-451C (Chemical Resistant) 3 Axis Magnetic Bearing Ultra High Turbomolecular Pump, 480 l/s Pumping Speed, ISO-160K
Pump Only NO Accessories. Edwards Part Number B74851010

This listing is for the new Edwards STP-451C (Chemical Resistant) 3 Axis Magnetic Bearing Ultra High Turbomolecular Pump. To be used with the Edwards SCU-350 Control Unit, pumping speed of 480 liters per second (l/s) of nitrogen, ISO-160K inlet flange, ISO KF-25 exhaust foreline flange, and KF-10 purge port with the corrosion model. A basic pump system would require a Edwards STP-451 pump, a SCU-350 controller, a water cooling accessory and a suitable backing roughing pump. The Edwards STP-451 turbomolecular pump offers field proven reliability for use in electron miscroscopes, scientific instruments and semiconductor applications.

The STP-451C is a series of magnetically-levitated turbomolecular pumps. The STP pump is configured so that rotor blade and the stator blade are aligned alternately in the axial direction. Gas molecules are pumped from the inlet port to the outlet port by the high speed rotation of the rotor. The Rotor blade is supported by the magnetic bearing without mechanical contact. Therefore the STP pump requires no lubrication oil unlike conventional turbomolecular pumps using ball bearings. The magnetic bearing consists of 3 pairs of active magnetic bearings. The rotor is supported in the radial direction by 2 pairs of radial direction active magnetic bearings that consist of radial sensor and radial electromagnet. A pair of axial direction active magnetic bearings consists of axial sensor and axial electromagnet to support the rotor in the axial direction. Because the rotor is thus supported without mechanical contact, it can rotate with very low vibration.

There is less heat generated from magnetic bearings because there is no friction. Therefore the STP pump requires no cooling. However, the STP pump requires water cooling or air cooling during baking, gas pumping or any process. Taking into consideration a breakage of magnetic bearings, touch down bearings and coated with solid lubrication have been installed. They do not contact the rotor during the rated operation. A radial sensor, an axial sensor, a rotational speed sensor and a temperature sensor always monitor the magnetic bearing as well as the rotor. If an abnormality/error occurs, the rotor will stop.

Edwards STP-451 C 3 Axis Magnetic Bearing Ultra High Turbomolecular Pump, ISO-16

  • 6 Month Warranty Available form Shipping date

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