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These function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to plasma physics research to nuclear accelerators. These angle valves are primarily for vacuum processes. Sometimes the valves encounter pressures above atmospheric in gas handling, or in backfilled systems. These MKS Instruments valves may be used over the pressure range from atmosphere to below 10-9 Torr. The bellows design and closing force provide reliable operation to the maximum pressures stated. 

A single acting cylinder opens the pneumatic valves up through the 3 inch size. When the cylinder is vented, a strong spring closes the valve. The spring within the bellows acts directly upon the nose-piece. Upon failure of the electric control voltage to the solenoid coil or upon failure of the pneumatic supply, the valve fails closed. Valves in the 4 inch size are available either with (V-100 series) or without (150 series) a closing spring, and 6 inch valves are only available without a closing spring. Valves without a closing spring have double acting cylinders. In all sizes the pneumatic cylinder is lubricated adequately for the service life of the valve. 

Solenoid Valves are reliable, small, and consistent with needed conductance. Solenoid coils are available for use with a wide range of voltages and frequencies; this MKS Instruments Electromagnetic Valve comes with a solenoid voltage and frequency of 120V/50-60 (Part Number: 153-0016K-120V/50-60). Many accessories can be attached through the pneumatic connection port. Another feature of the solenoid control valve is the threaded vent port that can accept an exhaust fitting. This is crucial in applications where it is not allowable to vent waste air into the room, for example in cleanrooms. 

Pneumatic Bellows Angle Valve ISO-KF NW16 Stainless Steel

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